Individualized Nutrition


  • Comprehensive Blood Analysis

    • Every individual is unique with their own needs and requirements for maintaining a healthy and balanced body.  In order to build a strong body, you need the proper nutrients to fuel the cells. At Adjusting To Health, we take the time to order/ review blood work for our patients and make the appropriate recommendations regarding potential nutrient deficiencies or the need for further testing and evaluation.  Our key focus is providing each patient with the tools necessary to unlock their full health potential. Call our office for more information. 
  • Custom Vitamin/Nutrient recommendations

    • It is estimated that over one-third of the population currently takes prescription medication for some ailment or health concern.  While this statistic can be quite alarming,  it is encouraging to note that many medications have their origin from plant sources and other natural substances.  Our goal at adjusting to health is to help patients understand how plants, herbs, and vital nutrients can have a profound impact on the expression of Health within the body. The human body has a phenomenal capacity for healing if we create the ideal environment for it to do so.  Call our office for more information. 
  • Dietary/Lifestyle Intervention

    • Many patients come to us looking for answers to their toughest health challenges.  We specialize in testing and addressing the specific physiological needs of a patient looking to reduce systemic inflammation which sits  as the root cause  of many modern diseases.  Click here to learn more. 

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